End of an Era

After 11 long years of running, Alsherok is closing its doors to the public. There are many reasons for this, but for the most part they all point back to simply having no further desire to run an active game. Our playerbase more or less evaporated six years ago at the onset of the MMORPG age and has never recovered. The staff has all moved on to other things that actually have meaning. I have effectively been running a ghost ship for the last three years. The steady decline of the MUD community has also played a role in why this is being done now. It's no longer what it once was. There's no spark left. It's all about bickering, backbiting, infighting, and who's epeen is bigger than the other guy.

As of now, Alsherok is only available to her remaining staff. A glorified chat room if you will. No further work will be done on the areas, code, or anything else relating to it. That includes the still broken sections of the website, which I am going to unlink as they no longer serve a purpose. I will also not be renewing the domain, which expires in July of 2009. Any areas still held here that have not been finished will be provided to the staff members who still want them. If you wait too long though I may simply discard them. The two development ports have been decommissioned and will not be restarted. Everything has been moved to port 5500. If you have an email address or subdomain being provided through the alsherok.net domain, you need to get in touch with me ASAP as I am going to shut down email service to the domain as well as terminating any subdomains which are unaccounted for by the end of May. That will include deletion of any web apps or other materials UNLESS YOU SPEAK UP AND SAY SOMETHING!

For those of you who still hold fond memories of the game, I bid you farewell. At one time it was pretty cool and I even once enjoyed it. If you need to get ahold of me for something, contact me through my blog at https://www.iguanadons.net Should an existing or former staff member wish to assume control and continue development, contact me privately and we'll discuss it. If anyone else has the same idea, don't waste your time. We will not hand over our work to just anyone.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on May 18, 2008 11:03 pm CDT by Samson in: | 4 comment(s) [Closed]
Dude, you know, your captcha thing sucks. And it didn't even save my heartfelt prose.

Blah blah miss you guys, blah blah firewall, mumble work insomnia mumble <3.

Yeah, sorry. I never bothered with the Akismet support here. No point. Golden rule: Always copy your post before submitting. Plenty of things can go wrong before it makes it through.

Either way, hi! Long time no see, ironic that closing down gets more comments than running the game :P

I hate to see this happen to such a good mud. Ive played many many muds during the years but none like this one. It had a unique feel that no other mud in my experience has captured. I'm of the opinion that this mud is one of the best out there but sadly didn't get the player base it deserved. Ive never really been much of a chatter so I didn't say much in game. Regardless, I wanted to let that be known. Good luck with future endeavors.


Just started playing, learning the code enough that I had to run my own. Sorry to do it near the end of it's life span. Glad though since I can run my own world to afk in.

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