So they say death is permanent and that the resting corpse should be left in peace. Nonsense! If this were so, the clerical arts would be of no use to anyone! :ghostface:

It's been over six years since Alsherok last saw the light of day. Due to increasing interest among the chat regulars at AFK Mods we've decided to bring the MUD back out of moth balls for people to check out. Given time constraints and other projects on our plates, I cannot say for sure just how devoted we'll be to maintaining things so if you drop by and nobody is lurking about, don't be surprised. Poke around anyway. See what it is we spent so much of our lives on.

For you newbies to the scene who have never heard of this stuff, it can be quite a bit of fun. It's definitely retro in the extreme as there will be no graphics to speak of, and even sound support was considered experimental for projects like this back in the day. MUDs are the predecessors to modern day MMOs though. So if you ever wondered what the guys who make those things used to play when they were teenagers and/or in college, here you go!

As with any project raised from the dead, there will be nasty bits dangling about. Please bear with us as those get sorted out. The codebase underwent A LOT of changes and additions shortly before the shutdown in 2008 so it hasn't had a lot of playtesting time and we've already fixed several minor bugs that got through. There will be more. Quirks in how C++ differs from C are making for some subtle gremlins that need to be flushed out. There may also be some crash bugs lurking.

In any case, I hope this proves to be entertaining at the very least. If you want to check it out, point your MUD client (highly recommended) or telnet app (not so much) to port 5500.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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