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Greetings courageous adventurer. If this is the first time you are looking at these Newbie pages then I bid you a hearty welcome for you have taken your first step in enjoying the wonder of Alsherok. May your visit here be a long and exciting one. First off, do not be discouraged by all the things said within these pages. You do not have to memorize them all immediately to play. In fact, the best way to learn how to enjoy playing in Alsherok is to take things easy, explore and slowly learn the ropes. Remember, this game is all about having fun and sharing adventures with other friendly people around the world. If you are ever in doubt of what to do or where to go or what certain words mean, do not hesitate to ask any of the immortals or the players in Alsherok. We are always happy to help as at one time or another we too needed help in learning how to play. As a basic guide, we have written a set of Newbie pages with interesting and informative things to know about our MUD. The words in red represent commands. They should be entered in exactly the manner in which they are highlighted without the hyphens. If there is anything that you feel is missing and should be added to these pages, feel free to let us know.

Getting Started
A First Look at Things
How to Communicate With Others
How to use Skills and Spells
Combat and Survival
Other Important Commands
Tips on Getting Ahead in the World
Etiquette and Behavior
Your First Adventure in Alsherok
A Map of the City of Bywater

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